Are you a Christian Writer?
Have you written a Book?
Do you have a Book to be published?
Do you know your work has a monitory value?

It is your intellectual property; it has worth just as your movable or immovable assets.

You have the right to earn an income for the labour you put forth in writing.

Many writers handing over their works to some publishers, in order to print their book somehow; and on many occasion they are being deceived.

For fear of marketing or lack of resources to incur the printing expenses, the writers are handing osver their hard-worked material to the publishers, without proper Agreement.

Taking advantage of their plight, the publishers are thriving.

Hundreds of writers are unwittingly handover their manuscripts to some crooks, who are posing as literary agents or book publishers, Because of their lack of knowledge in the field, they leave the material in which they have invested so much of their time and effort at the mercy of crooks and fraudsters.

Many publishers just give the writers few books as gratis and rob all the rights of the writers.

Many authors are not aware that a successful book is worth several lakhs of money; the author of the book has the right to get the royalty.

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