We distribute the Holy Bibles to who are unable to afford a single copy of the Bible. Because of the poorest income of a person, in this position, it is very difficult task for a person to purchase a copy of the Bible for his own. To meet this need, BPS has started this Free Bible Distribution Program, to provide the Holy Bibles to the poor believers in the remote areas. Many villagers now have their own Bibles in their houses. Hence, we are providing the Holy Bibles free of cost to the poorest needy. Also we can see the true value & honor of the Bible as many villagers, dare not even to touch the Bible with dirty hands, as they treat it as the image of God. We distributed more than 2000 Holy Bibles during the past 3 years. Out of these, 300 Bibles were sponsored by many friends and well wishers. The rest of the Bibles were collected from various individuals by the local churches. Still there is much need of Holy Bibles, for the distribution among the needy and poor. Please pray and give a hand with us.

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